Our 100% Commitment

Yes – Parkinson’s and Brain Research Foundation is run efficiently. Yes – we work hard to have extremely  low administrative overhead. Yes – the founders pay, personally, for the administrative overhead. Yes – this all means that 100% of your gift goes to medical research.

Over and over we are asked, “Is it true that 100% of donations go to medical research”? The answer is YES. 100% of every donation goes to medical research.  All costs for postage, printing, website development, etc., are paid for by the founders.

There may not be another charitable organization that can make this commitment, therefore it deserves an explanation.

Yes, at inception, Greg and Deborah Macres (Founders of the Parkinson’s & Brain Research Foundation) decided that they personally would pay for all administrative expenses. As you can imagine, this commitment motivates us to administer this Foundation with maximum efficiency.

First, we make an effort to minimize expenses and we are helped in this effort from volunteers who have offered their time and talent – printing newsletters – creating databases – creating this website – etc. – all, free of charge.

Second, we have set up two accounts:
1) Research Account — where all donations are deposited and from which all medical research is funded.
2) Administrative Account — where personal funds from the founders are deposited and from which all expenses are paid.

a) Conference — When we organize a scientific conference, interested pharmaceutical companies will sponsor the event. These sponsorship funds are deposited into the Administrative account and all expenses for the conference are paid from the Administrative Account. If expenses for the conference exceed total sponsorships (as was the case in 2008) Greg and Deborah Macres personally deposit the necessary funds into the Administrative Account to cover the remaining conference expenses.
b) Corporate – On occasion a company will provide an administrative grant for a particular need, or may award an unrestricted grant that will be deposited into the Administrative account.
c) Individual – In 2009, a family offered to pay the cost of a full financial audit as a part of the federal requirements for CFC approval. The PBRF received a clean bill of health and was approved by the CFC in 2010.

– 98 cents of every dollar goes to medical research.

– 2 cents of every dollar (admin. costs) is paid for by the founders.

– RESULT = 100% of your charitable gift goes to medical research.