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Become a Champion

Become A Champion

Our champions are people who have taken on the cause to find a cure. They are families grieving the loss of a family member. They are friends and loved ones affected by the disease. They are concerned companies and committed students. They help this quest for a cure by …

  • making their own personal donations
  • sponsoring conferences
  • hosting memorial golf tournaments
  • organizing other charity events
  • asking their communities to make donations in lieu of gifts for birthdays and anniversaries
  • creating corporate programs for matching employee donations

Read some of the inspiring stories about our champions to get ideas for how you can make a difference, too.

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Simple Actions … Big Result

1. Friends and Family – friends and family can easily make a donation by credit card via this website. Share your story with friends and family – tell them of your commitment and the commitment made by the Parkinson’s and Brain Research Foundation – ask them to consider making us their charity of choice.

2. Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) – we are an approved charity for federal workers world-wide. Many federal workers choose to donate but do not know which charity to choose. Make a list of everyone you know who works for the federal government – ask them to consider the PBRF – tell them 98% goes to medical research – ask them to share this with their co-workers. The PBRF can be found in the CFC Brochure or on the CFC internet site (  – CFC #76948″.

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Our 100% Commitment

Yes – Parkinson’s and Brain Research Foundation is run efficiently. Yes – we work hard to have extremely  low administrative overhead. Yes – the founders pay, personally, for the administrative overhead. Yes – this all means that 100% of your gift goes to medical research.

Over and over we are asked, “Is it true that 100% of donations go to medical research”? The answer is YES. 100% of every donation goes to medical research.  All costs for postage, printing, website development, etc., are paid for by the founders.

There may not be another charitable organization that can make this commitment, therefore it deserves an explanation.

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