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CFC Donors … 2017 Message from the President


1. 98 Percent to Research – 98 cents of every dollar donated goes to Parkinson’s research. The founders pay, out of their own personal funds, for all expenses (the 2%) to administer the Parkinson’s and Brain Research Foundation. Therefore, it is more accurate to state that 100% of your gift goes to medical research.

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GBA Mutations & Parkinsons, Dimitri Krainc M.D. PhD

The recurrent observation of accumulation and aggregation of mutant proteins in different neurodegenerative disorders indicates the possibility of a shared pathogenic mechanism. Recent data suggest that elimination of mutant protein accumulation can lead not only to a halt of symptomatic progression but also to regression of the disease.

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Become a Champion

Become A Champion

Our champions are people who have taken on the cause to find a cure. They are families grieving the loss of a family member. They are friends and loved ones affected by the disease. They are concerned companies and committed students. They help this quest for a cure by …

  • making their own personal donations
  • sponsoring conferences
  • hosting memorial golf tournaments
  • organizing other charity events
  • asking their communities to make donations in lieu of gifts for birthdays and anniversaries
  • creating corporate programs for matching employee donations

Read some of the inspiring stories about our champions to get ideas for how you can make a difference, too.

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98 Cents of every dollar spent goes to Medical Research

The Parkinson’s & Brain Research Foundation strives to be as efficient as possible. Our most recent annual administrative expense percentage was amazingly low … coming in at 1.34%.

Less Expenses  =  More Research  =  More Results

As a result, 98 cents of every dollar spent goes to medical research.

21st Century Research … a new approach


The Parkinson’s and Brain Research Foundation is supporting leading medical scientists in the United States and Europe who are pursuing a 21st century approach to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Prominent researchers at Harvard University, the National Institutes of Health, and University College London discovered the most common genetic risk factor for Parkinson disease – mutation of the GBA gene – a gene that causes a rare hereditary brain disorder called Gaucher. Carriers of this Gene are predisposed to the development of Parkinson’s – and – Recent and unexpected findings show the possibility of a shared pathogenic mechanism. The Parkinson’s and Brain Research Foundation is seeking a cure for Parkinson’s by funding medical research with prominent scientists who are focusing on the GBA Link. Medical history is awash with examples of progress being made on one disease as a result of links to another disease.  Our International Scientific Advisory Board chooses cutting-edge multi-disciplinary medical research – research that takes a 21st Century approach – a new approach to solve the mystery of Parkinson’s.

One Small Discovery – can unlock the mystery. Your Gift – can help find a cure.

The only thing incurable, is our passion!