I am the cure

CFC Donors … 2017 Message from the President


1. 98 Percent to Research – 98 cents of every dollar donated goes to Parkinson’s research. The founders pay, out of their own personal funds, for all expenses (the 2%) to administer the Parkinson’s and Brain Research Foundation. Therefore, it is more accurate to state that 100% of your gift goes to medical research.

2. Scientific Advisory Board – We have assembled a Scientific Advisory Board of Parkinson’s experts – scientists who have devoted their careers to the study of Parkinson’s disease.

3. 21st Century Approach – We are pursuing a new approach to find a cure for Parkinson’s – innovative research directions established by our Scientific Advisory Board.

4. Thank You – We thank you for your support. We honor your generosity with our efficiency. We know that one small discovery can unlock the mystery. Your gift can help find a cure.

Less Expenses  –  More Research  –  More Results


Gregory Macres, President/Founder – Parkinson’s and Brain Research Foundation

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